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Lotus root benefits for health

Lotus roots are the long stem of the lotus plant. The scientific name is Nelumbo nucifera which belongs to the Nelumbo naceae family. Lotus root, flower stalks, and its seeds are commonly used in Chinese, Japanese cuisine Bangladesh and Pakistan at the domestic level.
Having oval holes for obtaining oxygen and allowing buoyancy in water tubular lotus roots are found buried in swampy, anaerobic sediment.

Table of Content

Nutritional facts of Lotus Roots
Benefits of Lotus Roots for health

  • Weight loss
  • Blood Pressure Lowering
  • Immunity-Boosting
  • Soothing Anxiety
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Bone Strength
  • Healthy Skin
  • Lowering Cholesterol
  • Reduce the stress

Bottom lines

a).Nutritional facts of Lotus Roots

*Fiber innate in the lotus root aids in smooth movement of the bowel which produces good effects in the soothing of constipation.
*Cholesterol Regulation
*Consumption of the high fiber diet provides a good effect for lowering the low-density lipoprotein also known as bad cholesterol.

b).Benefits of Lotus Roots for health

Weight Loss
High fiber, low calorie, nutrition-dense lotus root consumption plays a vital role in losing weight.
Blood Pressure Lowering
Potassium, which is the vasodilator, is presented in the lotus root in an ample amount. Due to that its intake produces good effects on the regulation of your blood pressure
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The presence of an adequate amount of nutrition in lotus roots helps in the boosting of immunity. It is very important in the prevention of the various ailments in the human body that is caused by the lack of immunity.

Soothing Anxiety
Various B complex vitamins Innate in the lotus root produces good effects in the soothing of anxiety.
Cancer Prevention
An ample amount of the antioxidant in the lotus root provides good effects in the soothing of cancer.
Bone Strength
The presence of minerals like calcium in the lotus gives a good effect in maintaining healthy bone density upon intake.
Healthy Skin
A reasonable amount of antioxidant in the lotus root produces a good effect in obtaining healthy skin. Which is due to the production of collagen upon the intake of the lotus root.
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Lowering Cholesterol
Any food that is loaded with dietary fiber, lotus helps in lowering cholesterol. Consuming fiber-rich foods like lotus stem on a regular basis and cutting down drastically the processed food from the diet can help in keeping you healthy for long.
Reduce the stress
Lotus roots are full of the vitamin B complex, which is known as pyridoxine which interacts with neural receptors in the brain, and are responsible to reduce stress, irritability, and headaches.
Basically, the lotus flower gets its peace and tranquility power from its roots.

Bottom lines

Lotus root grew as an annual root vegetable crop in the customized ponds, whereas it can be raised from seeds, commercially. Lotus rhizomes with meristems preferred for plantation, since it takes overall fewer days for crop production.

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