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How to lighten your darken bikini lines naturally

For all kinds of reasons, some people develop pigmentation in the bikini lines. This is typically natural. However, if it bothers you, it does not have to be a permanent issue. There are a variety of effective, lasting ways to address this issue. By safely lightening these regions, your skin can have a beautiful, even tone in the bikini lines once again.

Table of Content

  • A). Homemade remedies
  • Cucumber with lemon juice for darken bikini lines
  • Lemon and Yogurt
  • Yogurt and Orange Peel
  • Lemon, Yogurt, and Turmeric
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Sandalwood and Water
  • B). Medicinal Ways to Lighten Dark Bikini Line and under arms
  • Bottom lines

1.Cucumber with lemon juice for darken bikini lines
If your bikini line and under arms are turned dark due to dryness or constant chafing, cucumber is the absolute right choice. It soothes the skin and reduces irritation while restoring its health and color over time 2. Grate a small piece of cucumber
Add a few drops of lemon juice to these pieces. Apply this mixture to your darkened skin and wait for 30 minutes. Then, rinse off with tepid water. Repeat at least thrice a week.

2. Lemon and Yogurt
Yogurt is rich in h lactic acid and L-cysteine, which not only lighten your skin tone but also enhance the whole health of your skin. Hence, mixing yogurt with lemon juice can yield even better results. Take 2 tbsp. Of plain yogurt and combine 1 tbsp. Of fresh lemon juice with it. Apply it all over the affected part of skin. After for 30 minutes, wash it off with slightly normal warm water.
3. Yogurt and Orange Peel
Both yogurt and orange-peel extract are very effective in lightening dark inner thighs.
Blending them together can give you a highly potent skin lightening homemade remedy.
Start with grinding some dried orange peels into powder. Add plain yogurt to it and mix well. Apply it to your private areas, rinse away after half an hour.
4. Lemon, Yogurt, and Turmeric
Turmeric has active ingredient curcumin that inhibits the production of melanin in the skin and lightens dark bikini lines or under arms considerably.
Blend of lemon juice and yogurt can be used effectively for lightening the dark bikini line or darken under arms. In order to speed up this procedure, add a little bit of turmeric powder to this mixture.
Massage your bikini area with it and wash away with cold water after 20 minutes.

5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Massage your inner thighs with some extra virgin olive oil every day before going to bed result in lightening bikini lines. The next morning, wash it with plain water. This process will lighten your bikini line and underarms area. Although it neither lowers melanin production nor increases skin exfoliation however it prevents photodamage and treats pigmentation caused by it successfully.
6. Sandalwood and Water
Sandalwood is consisting of alpha-santalol, which wards off your skin pigmentation by inhibiting melanin production and blocking photodamage.
Take some pure sandalwood powder and prepare its paste by mixing normal water with it. Smear the affected genital area of body with it evenly. Once it starts to dry, risen it off with cold water. Using sandalwood oil will also give you the same result.

B). Medicinal Ways to Lighten Dark Bikini Line and under arms
If natural remedies are not giving you satisfactory result, opting for medicinal solutions can be a good choice. Here are some options that you may consider:
1. Over-the-Counter (OTC) Treatments
Lots of OTC products such as creams, gels, ointments, rubs, etc. are available in the market in these days for lightening dark bikini line and under arms. However, formulations based on some other natural ingredients like arbutin, kojic acid, and licorice may cause allergic reactions (sensitivity, peeling, etc.) in some people while helping with skin pigmentation
2. Prescription Medicines and Procedures
If OTC products do not work for your issue, you must consult your dermatologist who may recommend you a strong prescription formulation like hydroquinone, retinoids, etc. to treat your hyperpigmented bikini line and under arms the right way. Medical procedures like laser skin lightening will also help you get lighter inner thighs and under arms

Bottom lines

It’s natural for the human body to have variation in skin pigmentation, and skin folds such as the bikini lines tend to be a little darker than neighboring skin. While this is usually not of concern, it is a good idea to visit your dermatologist to rule out any treatable medical cause. One of the most embarrassing beauty problems faced by female is the darken bikni lines.However homemade remedis are very effective to this issue.

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