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Water diet plan

Research shows that occasional fasting may help to lose weight, although other methods may be more effective for long-term, it has its own importance in our life especially for those who want to get a ride from overweighting.

What is water fasting? 

Water fasting may be undertaken for several different reasons, including spiritual, diet, or medical reasons. There is no fix  time that water fasting should last for, but medical in general suggests anywhere from 24 hours to 3 days as the maximum time to go without food.

When we read history we come to know that people have undertaken fasts for spiritual or religious reasons.

 3-days water fasting

3-day water fast quite simply involves not eating and only drinking water for 72 hours. Most people do a 3 day fast where they have some diluted fruit and vegetable juices, combined with lemon water spiced with cayenne pepper for an enhanced cleansing effect.

These fasts may be effective, but you will not get the full benefits of a water fast (more on that below). A water fast is a fast where you only have water.


How do you do a water fast? 

You abstain from anything other than purified water for the period you are fasting. No water, no food, no juice, etc. Thus, it is not something that most people can do for an extended time and there is many potential health risks for long term water fasting.

Key benefits of 3-day fasting

here are the key benefits of 3-day fasting such as,

Approximately half lose weight was actual body fat loss while everything else was fat-free mass, which included water released from glycogen stores depletion, water released because of zero-sodium intake, muscle tissues breakdown and the emptying of the colon. 

The study demonstrated that 2–5 days of fasting each month reduced biomarkers for diabetes, cancer and heart disease, perhaps due to lower levels of insulin and certain growth factors. If you are not convinced by mice studies, there is also human-based scientific evidence for this phenomenon. 

7-days water fasting here is another experiment to lose weight called it 7 Days water fasting now we are discussing it in detail.

Day by Day Breakdown for those  who are interested

I have included a stream-of-consciousness daily breakdown of my fasting experience.

 Day 1: Weight: 140.0 lbs Notes: Felt fine, nothing much to report.

Honestly its very easy  not eat because I was so full from the giant buffet I ate the night before.

Mostly just experiencing boredom from not eating food.

Day 2: Weight: 138.0 lbs Notes; High energy is very productive. Low anxiety. Some hunger pangs. Bored without food. Iam not even that hungry, just want some kind of stimulation. Also noticed that I had trouble sleeping. Didn’t fall asleep until like 5 am.

Day 3: Weight: 134.6 lbs Notes: Agitated in the morning. Still felt okay energy-wise, albeit a little spacey. Went rock climbing and felt euphoric/energy boosted after. Great mood, basically no anxiety. Much harder to climb than normal, my limbs were extermly shaky.

Day 4: Weight: 134.1 lbs Notes: Low energy. No anxiety still, but tired and shaky. The exercise was weirdly easy — like my legs were numb. No hunger, but cravings for certain flavours felt even more intense. Sense of smell was heightened. Began noticing food EVERYWHERE.

 Day 5: Weight: 132.0 lbs Notes: Less hungry. Slower speech, Energy coming in waves. Pretty tired overall though. The body was lethargic but the brain was alert; felt focus and sharpness mentally once I rallied myself enough to work on a task. Could not fall asleep until 6 am. 

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Day 6: Weight: 131.6 Notes: Woke up feeling okay , better than other days. Probably the most energy and focus I had. No hunger at all. Food fantasizing decreased. Again, moderately tired but mentally sharp. Zero amazing anxiety.

Day 7: Weight: 129.2 Notes: The final day! Extreme tiredness is back. Very dizzy. Eating dinner was AMAZING. Everything tasted super salty and flavorful. Wanted carbs, tried to refrain. He went to the dentist and he commented that my blood pressure was ideal. That is a plus because it’s normally too high.

Final Thoughts. 7-day water fast may not be effective for everyone, because it requires extreme dedication and restraint, which may not be conducive to certain work schedules or environments.

 Bottom lines 

Normally done for 3 to 10 days, water fasting is one of the oldest forms of fasting. It is most usually done for spiritual as well as physical healing. By using this remedy you can lose your weight very quickly and become slim and smart.

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